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Dipl.-Ing. (TH)
Johannes Köring
Bahnstraße 3B
47551 Bedburg-Hau
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Welcome to!

Welcome to my private collection of photos of Cape Town, South Africa. My cameras are a Sony RX-100, PENTAX K-5, an older Sony A350/A55 and a Sony Z3 Compact phone. As software I use Lightroom 3.2 to work on the images and size them to my favorite size of 16:9 (1920:1080 Pixel).

All photos are property of Johannes Köring (besides all historical postcards and photos). You are NOT allowed to download images and use them for any purpose. For commercial usage or if other photographers want to join here, please contact me.

Some legal stuff about (street) photography in South Africa
In a nutshell this is it when it comes to taking photographs in public places in South Africa: In South Africa any person can take a photograph that includes any other person, without permission. The point is a photographer does not need your permission to take your photograph if he or she is on public property. It does not matter that you may be on private property at the time and the photograph is taken from outside those premises. You have the right to take photos of anyone or anything if it can be seen from a public area. This includes concerts, sporting events, parks, and streets. So where are the exceptions? Once we leave public domain and enter private property we are subject to their rights of admission. Most shopping centers for example have "no photography" signage posted at all their entrances and they have the right to revoke access, however they need to place signage (no camera). Also beware of any building declared a "National Key Point" - They are strictly off limits! And on this point I have often been asked about photographing the police,- yes you can but be cautious not to obstruct them in the course of their work. Please bear in mind that even if you are within your rights to take the photograph, sometimes it is just not the correct thing. Don’t become that creepy guy hiding behind a tree taking photos of children playing in a park (Thank you to Ian Fleming).
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